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Office Manager

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Riviera Gourmet
425 Rue de Goa
Cargo A3
06600 Antibes

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Riviera Gourmet is a high-end international provisioning company for Superyachts and Villas. Whether it's organic, exotic, imported or branded, Riviera Gourmet has spent over a decade sourcing the very best products for some of the largest and most reputable superyachts in the world. Our clients are composed of Villa staff and Yacht crews who rely on us to source, order, shop and deliver the best quality products with quick turnovers. You would be joining a young and dynamic team at the height of the most exciting time of the season. You would be experiencing the running of a successful business which caters to the needs of some of the world’s wealthiest. This is a hands-on experience and a one-time opportunity to experience the workings behind the scenes of the luxury industry which is Yachting.

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